Frequently Asked Questions


Class teaching time will be up to 4 hours online, 4 days per week. 

Where is ai core located?

AI Core is 100% live and online. We are powered by Schoolify, a live and synchronous teaching platform which pairs innovative pedagogical methods in an online classroom.

Does AI Core help me find a job?

We do everything we possibly can! We have a full team dedicated to this. They support you prepare a resume and portfolio, practice interviews, and even help you in salary negotiation. 

What if I really want to take a AI Cor course but just can’t afford it?

Good news: You’ve got options! We have tailored tuition plans to support students joining our course with no upfront cost. Pay later once you’ve landed a job you love and even better…. our hiring partners will support you by paying up to 50% of your tuition cost if you’re hired by them. Alternatively we provide a certificate of completion at the end of the course that confirms your passing status and can be submitted to your employer along with a reimbursement request.

We also work with financing partners to offer low-cost loan options for eligible students.

Ask our Admissions team for more information.

Datascience & Machine Learning Course

How do I secure a place on the course?

To ensure all AI Core students get the individual attention and resources they need to succeed, course sizes are limited. After submitting your applications, you’ll connect with our Admissions team, who determines whether or not the course is a fit for your experience and goals. Additionally, you’ll complete Admissions assessment to make sure you’re prepared for the rigor of the curriculum. Once you’ve been accepted and have put down your desposit, your spot in the course is secure. Connect with our Admissions team now for more details.

What environment do you use during the course?

All courses will be delivered through Schoolify: a live and synchronous teaching platform. We will also be using Jupyter Notebook and Visual Studio Code.

What are the time commitments for the course?

Class teaching time will be up to 4 hours online, 4 days per week.

I want to take the part time course but have to work some Saturdays. Is it okay to miss class?

Students must attend 95% of course hours. Live instruction and real time interaction with classmates is an integral part of learning at AI Core. Missing class shouldn’t be an option, however on an occasion all classes will be recorded and can be revisited.

Besides the hours spent in class each week, how much time do I need to dedicate to a course outside of the classroom?

It varies by person, but, as a part-time student, be prepared to work hard and dedicate several hours outside of the classroom each week to review course material and complete project work. Our students devote additional time to portfolio projects, networking events with hiring partners, career services support, and more. Either way, our courses are designed to be rigorous and intensive, but, most of all, incredibly rewarding!

Do you offer payment plans

We understand these courses are a significant financial investment, so we provide several options to ease tuition payment.

After submitting a down payment to save your spot in the course, you can choose the tuition plan that’s best for you. Additionally, we work with financing partners to offer low-cost loan options for eligible students.


Our datascience and machine learning course costs a total of £8,500 with no added fees, interest or extra charges. We have various tuition plans, including having hiring partners subsidise up to 50% of your tuition.


Depenedent on your tution plan there is no upfront cost to the course. However, a deposit may required to ensure your spot in the course is secure if the course is oversubscribed.


Our partner companies will invest in you and your future by subsidising up to 50% of your tuition if you are hired by them. Employment stipulations will be defined between you as the employee and the hiring company.

I AM NOT BASED IN THE UK, can I still choose to explore being hired through ai core

All students are required to be UK based and hold a British Passport or have the right to work in the UK in order to qualify for joining our partner companies. However, international students can still join our course’s on alternative tuition plans.


Our terms and conditions requires you to report your job status and income to AI Core.

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