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Join our 18 week vocational course, where you’ll learn from industry experts how to actually implement the AI technologies that are changing the way the world’s best companies work. Then we’ll work with you to land a job in machine learning.

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learn what university won’t teach you


Don’t waste a second. Learn from the comfort of your own home. Reach instructors instantly. Be ready with just an internet connection and your laptop.


You’ll be mentored by instructors who have been building for years, worked for leading companies and are comfortable with the latest tools and advances in AI. 


Dedicated support means that on top of the 12 hours in class per week, you’ll have scheduled group office hours weekly, support through Slack and 1-on-1 sessions available to book.

weeks to reach mastery

portfolio projects

hours of programming experience

Study part time

Monday – Thursday

6.30pm – 9.30pm

We teach 4 days a week, in the evenings, so that you can live your life, whilst you change your future.


1. DATA SCIENCE part 1 - building data pipelines
  • Web scraping
  • APIs
  • Databases and SQL
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Data preprocessing
  • What is machine learning?
  • Building models in Python
  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Clustering algorithms 
  • SKLearn
  • Gradient boosting
  • XGBoost
  • Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
  • Regularisation
  • Model evaluation and comparison
  • Hyperparameter optimisation
  • Project
3. DATA SCIENCE part 2 - model evaluation
  • Model evaluation and enalysis
  • Statistical significance testing
  • A/B testing
  • Recommendation systems
  • Forecasting
  • PyTorch
  • Neural networks
  • Regularisation for deep learning
  • Optimisation for deep learning
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Computer Vision: classification, detection & segmentation
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • GPU acceleration
  • Making your own datasets
5. Deployment
  • Making your own APIs
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Training your models in the cloud
  • Cloud deployment of models
  • Serverless deployment
  • 3rd party APIs
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Word representation
  • Seq-to-seq for machine translation
  • Transformers
  • BERT
  • GPT-3

Every chapter culminates in a project, framed like a real world problem. Each of these will be a substantial piece of work to add to your portfolio.

After chapter 6, it’s time to put everything together for your capstone project. You’ll work for 2 weeks on a project of your choosing, combining everything that you’ve learnt to produce something relevant to the job you are going to take next!

100% of our students are hired within 6 months of graduating

“They provide you with a very broad spectrum of tools. After this course, you can say ‘yes, I know pretty much everything a data scientist should‘. It’s a very professional environment. The practical part is what’s really important in AI Core. What we do is implement a lot of machine learning algorithms, hands on. It’s not just theory, it’s like 99% hands on experience, done under professional supervision, so you know how it’s done in industry.

Evgeny Dyshlyuk

Evgeny is now working as a research scientist at Imperial College London

“My journey into Machine Learning with AI Core gave me a broader understanding of the professional field and taught me to deal with any issues I may encounter working independently. The huge benefit is to be a part of the group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who share the ideas and help each other to learn new concepts and techniques. Another really great opportunity is to have individual feedback on the study projects and learn best practices from our instructors. Most importantly, our course made me believe that I can apply the received knowledge to the practical problems and be ready to start my career in Data Science and ML.”
Tanya Zakharchenko

Tanya is now working as a Junior Data Scientist for Universal Music

Learning with the AI Core has been great. Theory is solid, but what really makes the difference is the hands-on approach and the work in groups. You’ll share ideas and methods with your classmates while working on from-scratch implementations of models that are up to industry’s standards. And on top of that, their hiring and career coaching is spot-on.
Francesco Meloni

Francesco is now working as a Data Specialist for WindEurope, Europe's largest association for wind energy

The ai core industry mentor program


As a student, you’ll be connected to our pool of incredible industry mentors. They’ll lecture technical topics in class, and answer questoins and share informal career advice in scheduled office hours. The program will give you direct and dedicated access to real experts who are working at companies like Google, Microsoft and Nvidia. These people are really doing AI in the real world.

Let’s see your university degree top that.

Our lates industry mentor, jason atlas

Jason has been a veteran multi-time CTO at companies that have raised millions in funding and implemented AI in the wild, to solve real problems. He also worked for over a decade at Microsoft where he worked on groundbreaking products like MSN. Now he’s paying his experience forward to the next generation of AI talent by mentoring AI Core’s students. 

We’ll bet your tuition cost on you getting hired

Universities will always ask you to pay a up front, without promising to deliver you a great outcome. We take a different approach. We’ll cover the cost of your tuition, and bet on you getting hired. Only after then will you start to pay us back.

Our tuition plan at a glance

📌 Show us you’re serious about improving yourself and secure your place with a £1000 deposit.

📌 Once you’re hired, you’ll pay the £12500 course cost in manageable monthly installments

Industry will pay half of your tuition fee

Our incustry partners know that AI Core produces high calibre AI talent, and they pay to get the first pick from our graduates. We’re passing this investment along to our students, to increase the value we provide to you. These incredible companies will pay half of your tuition if they hire you.

Amazon web services invests to reduce student tuition costs by £4000

AI Core has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide thousands of cloud credits which we’ll use heavily in the course. Until 2021, we’re going to pass this onto our students, and reduce the cost of the course by £4000! Apply now.

Quarter the cost of a masters course, in quarter of the time, and we’ll work with you
to help you land a job you’ll love.

Who’s This Course For?

Graduates looking to get hired

We were all previously university students who wanted to actually build AI, not just talk about it, so along with dozens of companies we built this course. It’s specifically designed to give you skills that companies are looking for, to make you more employable, so that you get hired. Our course is designed as an alternative to a Masters degree.

Professionals looking to upskill into ai

We’ve consistently shown that if you’re thinking of making a career jump or just planning to excel in your current field, then you can bet on hitting those targets if you join AI Core.


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