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Our curriculum was created with consultation from hiring managers at top AI companies and is constantly updated as the industry evolves.

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We're building a network of the brightest AI talent and relationships with the very best companies in AI. Our alumni network is our greatest asset.

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Financial background shouldn't determine if you can get a quality education. We have a range of tuition plans available to increase accessibility.

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Half the cost of a Master's degree, in a quarter of the time and we'll work with you to help you land a job you love.

Tuition plans that work for you

Your financial background should be no barrier to accessing a quality education. Our wide range of tuition plans are designed to give you ultimate flexibility regardless of your circumstances.

AiCore Flagship tuition plan at a glance

£3,750 tuition grant available, bringing cost down to £8,750

Pay in monthly installments over 24 months

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Pay the tuition cost in manageable monthly installments over 24 months. A £3,750 tuition grant is available for students that select this tuition plan.

No deposit.
No interest.

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Pay tuition cost in monthly installments as a percentage of your salary after you've landed a high paying job.

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Pay upfront

Given the difficult year everyone has had with the pandemic, we have made £6,000 tuition grants available for students that select the self-funded tuition option.

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The AiCore guarantee

AiCore is committed to shifting the burden of financial risk away from our students. We are certain you will love our course but if you decide up to 2 weeks into the programme that AiCore isn't right for you, simply withdraw with no penalty and get an instant refund.

Here's how we have partnered with industry in the past

Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private clients franchise.

DB wanted to incorporate practical machine learning into their engineer training days. AiCore developed the curriculum which is delivered by an ex-AiCore student.

AiCore was selected as the official AI school for the UK India Tech Partnership.

We delivered our industry-informed curriculum to a cohort of 78 students on behalf of the British High Commission in India⁠.

Refinitiv is one of the world's largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure.

AiCore students were given access to their Eikon API. They applied sentiment analysis to Refinitiv’s Machine Readable News - engineering features from real stock data to predict whether it would rise or fall.

Adarga builds powerful software that allows organisations to analyse vast volumes of data quickly and accurately.

AiCore students were given access to Adarga's repository of real world unstructured document data and tasked with solving various document characterization problems.

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