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Artificial Intelligence will be at the core of every organisation in the future. Currently the core of every organisation is human talent. We are training the world’s top students to implement state of the art techniques that underpin and push the boundaries of data science and machine learning.

Teaching core skills for our future

Our Courses

Our Data Science and Machine Learning program is designed to help our students unlock higher incomes and reduce risk and uncertainty around getting hired.

We created our curriculum with input from hiring managers in the tech industry. Moreover, we pair academic theory with real-world experience, so you can be in a new career as a data scientist or machine learning engineer within a year.

We’ll be acting as a workforce accelerator and improving student job readiness based on what the market needs are. The best part? You won’t have to pay a thing until you’re hired! 

Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn the fundamentals to interpret and manage data and solve complex problems.

Discover state of the art techniques and get intensive training for a career in AI.


Remote Working
Class Structure & Expectations
Required Technology and Support


Data Wrangling and Storytelling
Statistical Tests and Experiments
Linear Algebra

Data Science

Linear Models
Model Comparison
Applied Modeling
Software Engineering SQL and Databases
Productization and Cloud

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing
Neural Network Foundations
Cutting-edge models and architectures

Student Stories

I had the pleasure of attending The AI Core’s first workshop of 2020, focusing on Reinforcement Learning. They are an excellent team who are putting in a lot of work to educate the community on this exciting field.

Ben Ajayi-Obe

Data Scientist


While studying for his PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London, Steve attended our W19 deep learning bootcamp. Now he uses what he learnt daily, working at Datatonic, a partner company of Google.


Senior Geophysicist at PetroTrace, he attended our W20 Deep Learning series so he could utilize AI to solve challenging problems in his work.

I couldn’t be more blown away with the quality of the lectures from The AI Core. The materials online to get you ready are amazing and all the lecturers taking the workshops are great at explaining the complex concepts in a really accessible way.

Rohan Virani

Instructor, NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute

Tuition Plans

1. subsidised by our partners

Pay Nothing Upfront &
Land a job through us

Our hiring partners invest in you and your future by subsidising up to 50% of your tuition once hired.

We value our education model and we don’t get paid a penny without a positive outcome for you. No interest; no fees; and no extra charges.

Pay nothing up front, pay later once you graduate and land a job you love.

Speak to our admissions team to learn more, or review our FAQ on tuition plans.

Total Course Cost

No upfront payment. Start once earning above £25.5k


Could be paid for, by our partner companies

Your payments only last a duration of 12 Months.

You only pay

Each month you pay a £355 instalment

2. Self-Funded

Pay upfront or in instalments

Not looking to get hired through AI Core?
Pay upfront or in instalments a total of £8,500.

3. Finance through our partners

Loan approval subject to eligibility

Apply through our partner finance companies, get in touch.

Quarter the cost of a masters course, in quarter of the time, and we’ll work with you
to help you land a job you’ll love.

Who’s This Course For?


Looking to expand your skillset and employability? Our courses are designed with undergraduates and postgraduates in mind. Whatever degree you’re studying, if you have an interest in AI and a passion for learning, sign up for our course. Education is at our core, allowing us to attract and train the top University AI talent.

Working Professionals

If you’re thinking of making a career jump or just planning to excel in your current field, AI core focuses on what is practically useful and enables our community to build and implement real world solutions. Our community driven school is made up of like minded people with ambition, providing you with fantastic networking opportunities and a realistic yet optimistic look at transformative tech.


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