Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

AiCore is a specialist Ai & Data career accelerator. We are delivering an immersive programme that will launch your career in Ai & Data at supersonic speed.

AiCore was founded by Harry Berg, Christian Kerr and Haron Shams.

Harry and Haron originally founded the Machine Learning Society at Imperial College London, and Christian was Chief of Staff at CogX, Europe's largest festival on Ai.

They met at an Ai Conference in London, and they came together to create AiCore.

Over the next year, they taught a community of over 5500 Ai & Data enthusiasts and using industry feedback, they started developing the AiCore programme.

AiCore is now a team of over 20 people working to deliver the world's most industry-informed hands-on education in Ai & Data.

Where will I take classes?

We don't have classes in the traditional sense. All the learning you do at AiCore is directed towards completing industry projects. You consume material on your own. Then you come to meetups every night to work on your projects along side your peer group and there are support engineers to offer you instant live support.

All of this takes place exclusively online, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. On top of the meetups, we also hold public events with industry experts every week, and private events including industry mentor office hours and open hacking for students only.

How will AiCore help me land a job?

After completing the essentials part of the programme, you take career preparation alongside your specialist pathway. This includes holding soft skills workshops as part of the programme, introducing you to industry mentors from leading companies, recommending you for exclusive roles with our partners, holding mock interview sessions, keeping you accountable for weekly progress with a checklist during the course, auditing your GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to make sure they are shining showcases of your skills, promoting you on our social media channels, hosting events for you to showcase your projects, hosting your projects online on our website.

How do I secure a place on the programme?

To ensure all AiCore students get the individual attention and resources they need to succeed, course sizes are limited. After submitting your applications, you’ll connect with the admissions team, who will determine whether or not the course is a good fit for your experience and goals. Additionally, you’ll complete an admissions assessment to make sure you’re prepared for the rigour of the curriculum. Once you’ve been accepted and set up your learning package, your spot in the course is secure. Connect with our admissions team now for more details.

What do I need to do to graduate?

To graduate you need to complete the projects.

How much time am I expected to spend studying or working?

The programme is totalyl flexible. You can choose how many hours to dedicate per week and the more time you commit, the faster you progress. You can work through the teaching content and complete practical challenges and projects in your own time, booking support with our engineers whenever you are stuck or need help.

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