AiCore Tuition Options

Our top priority is to make a quality education accessible to people from any background. We offer a wide range of plans to make the £12,500 course cost affordable including deferred tuition and installment plans.

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AiCore Flagship

Pay your tuition cost over up to 24 months in monthly installments starting from the date of your first class.

No interest

No interest


Pay the cost of the course before the date of your first class through a bank transfer.


A form of deferred tuition where you pay tuition only after you have been hired, serviced by our finance partner.

Pay a £1,000 deposit to secure your place on the course. Then, pay monthly installments as a percentage of your salary once you land a job.

Payments are capped at £12,500 so you will never pay more than this. Your deposit counts towards this cap.

Example: Anne pays her £1,000 deposit two weeks before the start date of the course. Upon graduation, she lands a job with a salary of £45,000. She pays 10% of her monthly salary (£375) for 31 months, at which point she will have reached the cap.

The AiCore Guarantee

AiCore is committed to shifting the burden of financial risk away from our students. We are certain you will love our course but if you decide up to 2 weeks into the programme that AiCore isn't right for you, simply withdraw with no penalty and get an instant refund.

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